Wedding Cake Q&A

Q: What is a cake tasting? Is there a fee?

A: Selecting your wedding cake is one the sweetest parts of planning your wedding. A cake tasting will give you the opportunity to discuss your wedding, your dream cake and most importantly, TASTE the cake samples! We offer cake tasting for wedding or event cakes serving 60 people or more. There is a $30($40 for GF) tasting fee and it consists of 3 different flavors and 3 different fillings (the more flavors you have, the more difficult the decision!). The cake tasting fee is due 3 days before the date of cake tasting. 


Q: How many people can I bring for my cake tasting?
A: We suggests bringing no more than three people. That magic number is ideal because we have found that the more opinions and people involved actually make it more difficult to make a decision. There is $10 for each additional guest.

Q: How should I best prepare for my cake consultation?
A: It's best to come with questions you might have. You like the look of fondant cakes, but what does fondant really taste like? What's the price difference for using real flowers compared to handmade sugar flowers? Bring magazine clippings, pictures and ideas for inspiration of cakes you LOVE. It also helps to bring any details you have already finalized from your wedding. Bring your invitation, picture of your gown, and wedding colors - all the little details will help us to design the cake of your dreams.

Q: How much does a wedding cake cost?
A: The price of your cake is determined by many factors, the most important being the number and size of tiers as well as your design choice (choice of flavor, decoration technique, decorations materials, bridges or cake stands, purchase of cake toppers, frosting or handmade sugar flowers, and delivery). As you can see, with all this intricate details, the price of your cake will vary.

Q: Could you deliver and set-up the cake?
A: Our wedding cake delivery and set up service starts at $50 and vary from there depending on delivery mileage and the size of your cake. 


​Q: What's your deposit policy?

A: For order above $200, a deposit of 50% of the total cost of the order confirms and holds a reservation. The reminder of payment is due 1 month before the date of delivery/pick-up. For order smaller than $200, your payment is due upon the confirmation. 

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